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As Commissioned                                                FRAM II


The Association Charter - The Hugh Purvis Reunion Association (HPRA) charter is to plan and arrange reunions, assist our members in locating other shipmates and provide  information from the V.A. and other resources that may benefit you. Membership in the HPRA is granted all those men who served aboard the USS Hugh Purvis DD709 in any year, for any length of time, in any rank or rate.


    The HPRA newsletter is published quarterly and is sent to all ACTIVE members via Email or USPS. If you get your NL via email, it not only saves postage costs (high), but will also be in color for many of the photos. So please consider using this method. NL's dating back to 2006 are available to ACTIVE members. For a complete copy, use the "Latest Newsletter ..." link below (Active members only)

    The directory lists many, but certainly not all, of the Purvis shipmates over its 23 years in commission. The list includes all ACTIVE and HONORARY members along with all known deceased shipmates. Also listed are a number of UNKNOWN and UNINTERESTED shipmates. The directory is available electronically to all ACTIVE and HONORARY members only. If requested, a paper copy would be made available. The paper version is expensive to produce so ask only if you really need one.

The Latest Newsletter - January 12, 2021
Latest Newsletter (from the HPRA President)


    he officers of the HPRA are elected for two year terms. The President and Secretary elections take place in "Odd numbered years" and the Vice president and Treasurer in "Even numberd years." The president is limited to three 2-year terms. The office's of Chaplain and Webmaster are appointed-volunteer positions (appionted by the HPRA Board of directors (the elected officers). ZFor a list of the present officers, see this page...


    embership in the HPRA is open to any former DD709 Hugh Purvis crew member. The membership  term is from January 1 to December 31. Annual dues are $20.00 and payable to the "Hugh Purvis Reunion Association" or "HPRA" in January.  A Lifetime membership is also available for a onetime payment, depending on your age. As per the changes made at the 2011 business meeting in D.C. ---
              • $150 (age 60 – 69) (it is expected this catagory will disapear)
              • $100 (age 70 – 79)
              • $50   (age 80 and over)
    Membership forms are available in three formats; a PDF (print and send), Microsoft Word and a Plain Text version. The PDF version requires a "PDF Reader." You most likely have one installed on your computer device. If using the "PDF" preferred version,you can fill in the form on your PC/MAC/Tablet?Smartphone if you use Adobe Reader DC 2018 version. This is highly reccomended. If you want to have this capability, please read this note...
[Link to:]: ReaderDC_FormFill

    Any questions regarding the application process may be addressed via email to: The HPRA President  or to any of the HPRA officers listed on the   ►HPRA Officers◄ page.


  If you need to update any of your personal information,
  use can this form ...

   ◄◄◄ update personal information

  enter your changes and it will be taken care of.


    HUGHPURVIS.COM (primary) and DD709.COM are two WEB addresses the Hugh Purvis Reunion Association traditionally uses to provide you with all kinds of information.  Using either  address will take you to our real home page, Use it and have fun with it.

    The webmaster, as the developer/editor of websites are usually called, is always open  to suggestions and comments. Each page will have a link at the bottom for you to send an email  with your comments, suggestions or concerns. Items shown below that are bold and underlined are links to somewhere or something.  There are also one or more small "ships patch's"  on most pages. Clicking the patch will send you back to the previous page. The one on the home page will send you to the top of the page. The ships patch within the top "big" logo will also send you back to the home page from any other page. There are also "little blue up arrows" on some pages (like this page). Selecting one takes you back to the top of the page. There also may be a "Menu" in a box on the right side of a page which will take you to the spot on the page the topic is located.

    There are links on the home page to request the Shipmate Directory  and Newsletters (for Active Members only). The links will bring up an email request form to the HPRA president.  

    Some  items you will see, like the "Membership Form", are in "PDF" format.  Your computer will need to have a PDF reader, like "Adobe Reader " or similar software  installed in order to access them.  If you do not have a reader installed, you can get one from here [Link to]  "ADOBE READER". This will provide you with the latest version. It is sometimes installed in conjunction with other software.  PDF's on this site should open in a new browser window or tab, depending how your browser is set to handle the request, and will not have a "return to previous page" button (like the ones you see below). Most all modern computers will have one installed by default. The "Edge" browser in Windows 10 (and maybe Win 8/8a) will open PDF's

    The Hugh Purvis web site is open to the WorldWideWEb and is updated often to reflect the latest information. As new information develops on future reunions or anything else important to you, it will appear on the site. If you have something you would like to see, let us know. Make the Hugh Purvis website one of your favorites and check it often.  If you feel you would like to write something for the site, please do just that and we will make arrangements to present it. Also, please get the word out to anyone you think should know about us. Remember, this site is for you and is maintained by one of your shipmates at no cost other than what we pay the service provider.


    The Commanding Officers  page was last updated on 06/16/2011 using information from shipmates and the members of NavSource. We believe we have as correct a list as possible.  If you have anything to add, please address it to the webmaster. Among the missing are some dates and photos. There is a "Notes" page that you can get to from the NOTES column in the table. Clicking on highlighted items will bring up the Notes  page. (This project is considered completed.)


One of the best ways to share your own photos is to have a free account of your own on one of the photo sharing sites. We no longer use Google Photos. Here are a couple....

    If you do not have your own photo site, there are a several methods you can use to send photos for our "PICTURE GALLERY" and Slideshows and Albums.  If you have  only a few, you can email them to  the webmaster (link below).  This is good for up to 3 photos at a time. They are sent as attachments in your email. The Help link in the email form explains how. You can also get the real email address from the latest HPRA directory. Look inside the cover page for it.

    If your photos are on your PC, three can be emailed using the contact link at the bottom of all pages. If you have a large number, they can be written to a CD or DVD or put on a "Thumb Drive" and sent via USPS (Thumb Drives will be returned if requested). Email the webmaster for the address or see your directory.
If you only have a hard copy of your photos and cannot or do not want to scan them,  you can send them via US Mail  to us. If this is your choice, email the  webmaster and he will provide you his snail- mail address. They will be returned if requested.

    If you decide to use one of the comercial photo sites, like Snapfish etc. and want to share your photos with us, you will need to make the photo album public, otherwise only invited guests can see them.

    There is also a "You Tube" site for video purposes. Your videos can be uploaded directly to YouTube and the link provided to us. Or you can put then on a DVD or Thumb Drive and mail them.

WIKIPEDIA.ORG for some of the information on the History Pages
NAV SOURCE for their help with the C/O pages
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