The Old Navy (#1)
Contributed by Steve S. 

The Old Navy (#2)
Contributed by Steve S. 

A Sailors Dying Wish
Contributed by George B. 

Not EVERYONE Can Be A Marine
Contributed by George B. 

A Sailors Thoughts
Contributed by Steve S
Where did they go?
Contributed by Dennis D.
Comparative Military Terms
Contributed by Gene
Wes Hoch"
Parts One and Two
(58-60) - Presented at 2013 HPRA Reunion Dinner
by J.J. Larson - UPDATED 5/28/2020

I Was A Sailor
Contributed by Sal Contello (multiple sources)

The Death of navy Tradition
by LCDR Thomas Sousa (ret.)
       Contributed by Sal Contello

Do You Miss It?
by Tim Brady (68-69)

A Ride on a Nuclear Submarine
by Bob Mead (62-64)

Cuban Adventure
A Poem by Bob Mead (62-64)

Tin Can Sailorman
A poem from Tim Brady (68-69)

The SS Warrimoo
from Dennis Dow  (65-70)

My Shipmate - "Chico"
by George Beal (50-52)

1962 Americas Cup Races
by Bob Mead (62-64)

by David Barter (52-55)

Shadowing a Russian Helicopter Carrier
by Wayne Dupre

The Hugh Pervert
by Hugh Tulloch via Dennis Dow

The Fate of the USS Harwood
by Butch Guzejko (66-68)