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*** BOOT CAMP (circa 1959) ***

The photos presented below are representative of Boot Camp during the late 1950's and 1960's at the Navel Training Center in Great Lakes Ill. Just a few are shown to give a flavor or the daily routine from entrance to graduation. All of the photos are from the Keel for Company 88, February to April, 1959..

(Click on a small photo below to see the full size image on the flag.)

BOOT CAMP - 1959. The photos show the time from entry to graduation. Haircuts, medical processing, training, barracks life and graduation ceremonies. The photos are from the Keel for Company 88 (2/4/59 - 4/4/59). Some photos are the generic ones used in the first section of the book and some from Company 88. Note; The photo showing learning knot tying; the character second from the left in glasses and the little P.O. badge is your  Webmaster. He was the brigade mailman for the period and was also helping teach the knot tying.