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By George Baker (VP-Reunions)

Look out Harrisburg – Here comes the Hughy P!!

    We have everything set for our 2017 reunion – the hotel, the tours, and you being there! Here is the link for booking your room at the hotel, and you can select either single or double occupancy. 

(When yoou use the above link, scroll down on the resultant page to make the reservation. The hotel did not link it properly to put you in the correct part of the page)

The Red Lion Hotel is a great facility, reasonable rates, and a super breakfast. Give them
a call at...

(717) 939-7841    or toll free at (800) 637-4817

and book your room now. You can book it either way; by phone or on-line, it all works! It is never too early to lock it in! The room rates are: Single $109 plus 11% occupancy tax per day or for Double (2) persons $121.00 plus 11% occupancy tax per day. The rates change for one or two in the room as a beautiful full breakfast buffet is included.

    The room rates are locked in for three nights prior and post reunion, so feel free to extend your stay and see more of what the area has to offer. All rooms are smoke free, plus a free airport shuttle, free Wi-Fi, and free parking.

     Across the road from the hotel is a shopping plaza with restaurants, as well as nearby, so you are not locked in to just the hotel dining room.  There are many restaurants, including: Chili’s, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Friendly’s, Tropical Smoothie Caf, Bob Evans, Capital Diner, McDonald’s, Dominoes’ Pizza, Gilligan’s Bar & Grill and more!! We are locked in for June 20 - 22, with our banquet on June 22nd.

    On Wed. morning, 6/21, we will offer two separate tours.  The first tour will be of the Harley Davidson factory – home of the “HOGS”, in York, PA.  We will depart at 7:45 and arrive about 8:30 for a 1 hour tour.  Yes, there will be time at the gift shop at the end of the tour.  This tour requires you to walk the factory floor.

    The alternative tour will be depart at 8:15 and you will tour the UTZ quality food plant, where they make Utz  potato chips, as well as many more fun filled snacks! I am sure there will be samples!!

    After the tours, both tour groups will meet up at the Plain & Fancy Restaurant in Lancaster where we will have a wonderful lunch followed by a tour of the Amish Country Homestead, school house, gift shop, and enjoy a movie called: Jacob’s Choice – Witness young Jacob’s struggle in choosing the Amish church, or leaving behind family and community for the allure of the modern world. The full complex offers: Aaron & Jessica's Buggy Rides, The Amish Experience Theater, Country Homestead and Farmland Tours, Country Store, gardens and farm animals. Check out their website at:

    After this wonderful time at Plain & Fancy, we will head back to the hotel with a planned arrival about 5:PM. The cost for this day of tours is: $75.00 per person, but remember that this includes an incredible lunch!

    Thursday will be your day for history.  We will all depart at 7:15  (yes, I know that is early), for our drive down to Gettysburg.  We will begin our tour with a guided tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield, including our wreath laying ceremony.  After the bus tour, we will go the beautiful new Visitor’s Center, to view the film and see the Cyclorama.  The film, A New Birth of Freedom, narrated by Morgan Freeman, places the monumental events of the Battle of Gettysburg into the larger context of the Civil War and American history. The Cyclorama is a painting that measures 377 feet in circumference and 42 feet high. The painting, along with light and sound effects,  immerses visitors in the fury of Pickett’s Charge during the third day of the Battle of Gettysburg. Visit the website for more information:

    We will have a little free time there before we head over to the Dobbin House for a Deli Luncheon Buffet…

which is the oldest, most historic home in Gettysburg.

    This luncheon buffet should easily fill even the biggest belly of the old salts!  The cost for this day of tours is: $65.00 per person, which includes your lunch.
After the tour, we will arrive back about 3:00 for our annual meeting, followed by a wonderful dinner at the hotel.

    Friday morning we will say our goodbyes for another year, and travel back to our homes. If you care to extend your stay, there is so much more history and experiences in this area.  If you want a list of what to see or do outside of our tours, send me an email and I will be glad to send along additional information.

    So what is your excuse for not attending this year??? You’re right; you don’t have a good excuse, so plan to attend, catch up with some of your old shipmates, and realize just what you have been missing out on for so many years! You will never regret it!
As a side note, I work with tour companies to try to put together a rounded experience, while keeping the costs as reasonable as possible. I know the tours will not suit everyone, but know that I have done my best.

    Now I need some additional help this year over the past couple years.  I am limited on what I can carry so here is my list of help needed:  6-8 coolers that need to arrive on 6/20 by noon. If you can bring one or two, please email me at: GBaker1@comporium.net to let me know. 

    Also, is there someone out there with a pickup truck who can help me on the morning of 6/20 (9am)?  We need to make our annual beer, wine and snacks run to the local Sam’s club, and it won’t fit in my car.  It would save the organization the rental of a truck, so please let me know as soon as you can! You will need to be there on the night before.

2017 HPRA REUNION FORMS and Other Information

2017 HPRA Harrisburg Reunion Form

2017 HPRA Shirt/Hat Order Form

Forms are also in the March/April 2017 Newsletter

*** Reunion Schedule and Coordinators *** 
2017 - Harrisburg, PA. - June 20-22 (George Baker)
2018 -  Savannah, Ga. (Sept - George Baker) - 2019 - Central Ct. (June - TBT)

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