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The 2022 reunion scheduled for June in Milwaukee has been postponed indefinetly.

     A new plan is now in place for a reunion to take place "SEPTEMBER 19-22/2022 in CHARLESTON SC." For more details, select the "2022 HPRA Reunion..." link in the left hand column. The April newsletter has this story on page 1.

John J. Pepas (LtJG/55-58)

    John Pepas passed away on 29 April 2021 in Spring TX. at the age of 89. John served aboard from 1955-1958.

"Fair Winds and Following Seas"
Obituary Link
Roger W. Nelson (LT/60-62)

    Roger Nelson passed away 25 August 2021 at the age of 82. Roger served aboard from 1960-62. He was involved with "DASH."

"Fair Winds and Following Seas"
Obituary Link
WESTPAC 1969 - Transit to Austrailia and New Zealand with Equator Crossing
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Steel Beach Cookout
Flight Deck Band

Equator Band
Equator  Crossing 

Plymouth New Zealand
Panama Canal

In Hawaii returning from WestPac (Pearl Harbor).  Filming "Tora Tora"

New Zealand 1969 Visit During WESTPAC
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